How to order CD's:

Below is a list of CD's we have available to be mailed out.  Simply write down the names messages, and the name of the preacher who preaches it that you would like to have mailed out to you, and then click the contact tab, fill out, and submit the form. 

Adam Humphries-

  • From Rags Unto Riches

  • How To Hinder Personal Revival

  • How To Miss Out On A Great Meeting

  • It Is Good For Us To Be Here

  • Just Give Me The Crumbs

  • Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

  • So, How Great Is The Word So?

  • Some Blessings You'll Find In Emptiness

  • The God Of Unanswered Prayer

  • Ye Must Be Born Again

Andy Wells-

  • God Has A Bone To Pick With You

  • Guidelines For Guidance

  • Joseph, A Man With A Defined Life

  • The Doctrine Of Forgiveness

  • The Incinerator Experience Of The Believer

  • What Have You Done With God?

  • What Will You Do With Your Mind?

Bobby Barnes-

  • Men Ought To Pray

  • Psalm 100

  • Serving Our Own Generation

  • Sitting at Jesus' Feet

  • Some Disobedience In Abraham's Life

  • The Lord Is My Shepherd

  • The Prayer Life Of Daniel

  • The Word Of God

  • There Is A Doctor In The House

  • There Is A Lad Here

Brandon White-

  • Courage To Turn The World Upside Down

Brian Gilliam-

  • Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord

  • Not For Sale

Chris Hewett-

  • Have You Died?

More COming soon!

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