About Us

We are the Carter family.  I'm Josh, and I am married to my amazing wife, Kristina.  God has blessed us with 5 beautiful children.

I was saved on July 11, 2004 and the Lord placed Audio Ministries on our heart in May of 2008.  It started out with getting Sermons on CD from local churches to put out at truck stops and other places of business.  Soon it grew into having a mailing list where we would send out 20 to 30 Sermons on CD a month to several countries across the world on a regular basis.   We were given the opportunity in 2016 to produce a Dramatized John-Romans KJV Bible On CD and we were privileged to have it narrated by Joshua Joscelyn, of Truth & Mercy Baptist Ministries.

I look forward to continue and to grow what God has burdened us to do through this avenue.

"So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."

Romans 10:17

Our Goal

To place the word of God and the gospel into the hands of sinners.

We also want to encourage the Christian and give them content to help them grow in their daily walk with God.

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